Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Honolulu 2

We boarded the ship on Thursday and spent most of the afternoon unpacking and finding our way around. There was a delay getting on because the gangway had jammed and couldn't be used. We had front row seats to the drama. Lots of crew hanging around but nobody doing anything, then this beaten up VW Kombie van pulls up and a man gets out. We think here is the mechanic. He walks onto the gangway, opens a panel, presses a button and the gangway levels out. Apparently he was the only guy allowed to press the button! He got a loud cheers from everyone waiting.

Friday we went to visit the Hawaiian Quilt Guild's Exhibition. It was quite small, but well worth seeing. It was across the road from the Honolulu Museum of Art so we thought that would be worth a visit. We were very pleasantly surprised. It is not very big but had a great collection of Japanese, Chinese and Islamic Art as well as a small but impressive collection of European art. We saw a Monet and Van Gogh.

As the ship was sailing out of Honolulu we tried to recreate the photo we took 4 years ago.