Saturday, June 23, 2012

Grand Canyon

Woops. The last blog was accidently published before we had finished it. We have found it helps to get the photos in place, then write about them. Someone (who will remain nameless) hit the publish button.

After hearing about the 6 hours bus trip each way we decided the best way to go to the Grand Canyon was to fly there. How right we were. We have heard a lot of people using the word “awesome” on this trip, but the Grand Canyon truly is and the flight over it gave us a fantastic opportunity to get some idea of its size and grandeur. The part that can be seen from the South Rim is just a fraction of the whole.

We flew over the Hoover Dam on the way. Lake Mead, behind the dam, extends for over a hundred miles. We managed to get a shot of the Skywalk as we flew over the West Rim.

Our tour guide at the canyon gave us an interesting photography lesson. He explained how to take photos using edges to give some idea of the perspective and depth of what we were photographing.

It was a fantastic way to spend Peter’s birthday. One he will remember for a long time.

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